Teachers: The Unsung Heroes

“Hero” a simple word but rich in meaning. What comes into you mind when you hear the word hero? Hero means a lot. In some dictionary it says “someone who usually have good qualities”. In cartoons, a hero is “someone who is brave enough to save the universe from monsters.” Yes, all of these are correct. But for me it means “someone who tells and inspires you to continue pursuing or struggling and let you realize of what you’ll be in the future. In short an inspiration.”

An educator, a tutor, a coach, a lecturer, a professor, what else can you call someone who keeps on telling you to stand up when you’re down and to try better next time when you lose. A teacher! Ye a teacher! The hero, my hero, your hero.

While I was sitting on a bench something popped into my mind that made me ask this question to myself “How come I’ve reached this level?” I re winded all the memories that happened in the past years, in my elementary life. Then suddenly a tear shed into my face. And that made me find the answer. It made me realize that without my teachers I wouldn’t be where I’m now. Without them my life would be useless and devoid of meaning. That’s why I can’t express my deepest gratitude to my dearest teachers who made me show the best in me and show my true color. A million thanks wouldn’t be enough for all the thoughts, skill, and knowledge you have parted me.

Teachers are the molders of the youth. They are the unsung heroes. Teachers are our greatest hero whom we always look up to and owe for what we are and what we become. Keep it up, our brave heroes!


I wish that I will never see

Equations like x + y = z.

Or histories in our subject AP

Or even chemical symbols in our Chemistry.


I hate it whenever there’s a test

I always not give my very best.

It kept bugging me like a pest

And never gave my head a time to rest.


But I told myself that I need to try

So I smiled at my subjects and waved a hi.

To my laziness I bid goodbye

This is the start of my journey at Ilocos Sur National High.


Through every challenges I encounter on my way

My teachers are always there to brighten up my day.

They kept on reminding me that everything will be okay

A million thanks to you is all that I can say.

Ang Becquerel sa Pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika

Noong buwan ng Agosto ay ipinagdiriwang ang Buwan ng Wika na may paksang “Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Pagka-Pilipino.” Iba’t ibang mga patimpalak ang idinaos sa pagdiriwang na ito sa pamumuno ng Kapisanan ng Pilipino. Ang aming seksyon, Becquerel ay hindi nagpatalo at naging aktibo sa bawat mga patimpalak. Ang aming seksyon ay nagkamit ng ikalawang gantimpala sa Balagtasan. Ang mga kalahok ay sina Reiko Dianne Llanes  bilang ‘Ganda’, Emmanuel Padaong bilang ‘Sipag’, Jonathan del Castillo bilang ‘Yaman’, Julie Ann Gelacio bilang ‘Dunong’ at Jessica Madriaga bilang ‘Lakambini’. Si Jonathan del Castillo ay binansagan din bilang pinakamahusay na mambabalagtas na lalake samantalang si Julie Ann Gelacio naman sa mga babae. Hindi rin nagpahuli ang seksyon sa Sabayang Pagbigkas. Ang Becquerel ay nagkamit ng ikatlong gatimpala. Sila ay nakakuha ng sertipiko para sa seksyon at bawat kalahok ay nakatanggap ng cash prize. Talagang aktibo ang seksyong Becquerel sa mga aktibidad ng paaralan. Science class man ang sekyon ay di rin sila papapatalo sa larangan ng Filipino. Talentado talaga ang mga mag aaral dito.

Holla, Agosto~!

Sabay sabay nating batiin ng matamis na ngiti at ng mainit na yakap ang Buwan ng Agosto, ang Buwan ng Wika na may temang: “Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Pagka-Pilipino.”

As we all know, every July we celebrate the Nutrition Month not only in our school, Ilocos Sur National High School but also nationwide with the theme: “Pagkain ng gulay ugalihin, araw-araw itong ihain”. So, the STEP (Student Technology Entrepreneur of the Philippines) Club of ISNHS  is currently launching different activities in relation to this said celebration. And one of the recently concluded activity is the Nutri-Jingle Elimination for each year levels. Yesterday, July 24, was the turn of the 3rd year level. 9 different  sections of the third year namely Boyle, Becquerel, Briggs, Acacia, Agoho, Aludig, Apitong, Bamboo, and Banaba, competed and the top 3 outstanding performances will again represent themselves and of course the third year class in the coming finals for this Nutri-Jingle. The lucky enough finalists were Acacia, Becquerel and Agoho. And with much pride and honor, in behalf of the three Becquerel, I would like to give my warmest and sincerest gratitude for all those who supported us and we hope it won’t just stop here. God bless us all. 

Pagmulat palang ng ating mga mata,
Pilit na tayong pinapakain ng masusustansiya.
Upang tiyan ay mabusog,
Katawan ay maging malakas at malusog.

Sa aking inosenteng mga mata,
Pagkain ng gulay aking nakikita.
Tanong sa sarili “Ito’y masarap ba?”
O kaya’y kinakain ba ng mga bata?

Ngunit sa aking pagtanda,
Paglunok ng kapirasong gulay ‘di handa.
Sa dila ko, lasa’y ‘di maganda
Bakit kaya? Nakakapagtataka.

Siguro nga’t ‘di talaga ako sanay,
Sa sarap nitong tunay.
Matinding pagsubok dumating sa buhay,
At ito ay ang pagkain ng gulay.

Ngayo’y pilit kong magbago,
Upang sarili ko naman ay lumago.
Mga chichirya’t softdrink akin ng itatago,
Sana pagkain ng gulay tumatak saking puso’t dugo.